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Here are some post processing resources and useful SketchUp addons that we have picked out that you might find helpful and most are free:

Loads of free Photoshop stuff!


Free Photoshop brushes, styles, patterns, shapes,PSD and more….Click on image below


Free Photoshop brushes

Click on the image to go the site.


Nice little free tree generator (click on image) and a few other goodies that may be of interest……


Free 3D Library and Textures

Click on image to visit…


The Plugin Site-Free Photoshop plug-ins


Photoshop compatable plug-ins. Click the image to find free graphics tools or click here.


ProjectSketch is a free SketchUp add-on distributed by ProjectMatrix for the selection and placement of Commercial Office Furniture in SketchUp drawings.ProjectSketch is free and includes a generic furniture library with hundreds of 3D contract furniture components. (A multi-manufacturer data subscription that includes CAD data from dozens of major manufacturers is also available.)

Designers can use Google SketchUp along with ProjectSketch to produce eye-popping 3D images that include panel systems, desks, storage, and seating. The tool also includes a number of helpful utilities for product placement, coping, rotating, moving, and material assignment. The finished .SKP files can be exported to ProjectWorkspace where pricing, discounting, and reporting can be completed. Find the download here:


Modelur-free parametric urban design application for Google SketchUp (Beta)

This application is available to all participants of Pre-beta partner program free of charge. The intention of Pre-beta partner program is to adapt the application as much as possible to the wishes and needs of Modelur end-users. Click on the pic to check it out….

Sumo Paint

We recently came across this free image editing software which is pretty useful for doing work without having to have the application actually saved on your hardrive. You can save your files in Png and Jpg formats.  Its called Sumo Paint and really fun to use. And if you don’t like it the kids will…..


The Sketcher Plugin012021

The Sketcher Plugin was created to provide illustrative effects to computer images, whether photographs, computer drawn pictures or 3D renderings. It can render smooth artistic pencil sketches, pen and ink illustrations, and a number of different halftone/threshold effects.

Some great sites for brushes


For those interested in brushes for their post production work, we recommend you also check the following sites.:

1. Bittbox:

Great brushes and tutorials

2. PS Brushes:

More than 500 high-quality brushes classified by categories.

3. Get brushes:

More than 150 brushes categorized.

4. 500 ml brushes:

Linkware brushes, about 50 .

5. Brusheezy:

Stupid name, cool brushes! (They are the ones saying it)

6. Graphic Xtras:

Brushes, fonts, plugins and shapes…..good selection of resources.

7. Blinding-light:

More free brushes! and other useful content.

Great free resource for trees, skies and cut out people

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  1. May 21, 2009 8:53 pm

    I am glad to inform you that we have just released an updated version of Modelur (a parametric urban design tool for SketchUp), which is now also available for Mac OS X. In addition to our initial release from last week, the user inteface is now translated to French, German and Portuguese also!

    Jernej Vidmar

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